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Take the safety of your employees and passengers seriously

Welcome to Fire Fighting 4 Marine. We offer the most efficient and safe fire extinguishing system for the use of lithium-powered batteries. Tested and approved by DNV-GL, Lloyd’s Register and Rina with several Marine Plan Approval Certificates and completely harmless to the environment. We provide fire safety for various industries. Read more below about the different applications and where you can already find our systems.

Safe and efficient
Take the safety of your employees and passengers seriously and stay informed about the most efficient way of extinguishing lithium batteries.
Water unsafe
Extinguishing with water is a long-term, unsafe and environmentally damaging process. A lithium battery continues to catch fire, releasing toxic substances. We came up with a solution.
The solution?
We came up with a solution: an organic premix as an extinguishing foam, applicable across all fire classes.


FiFi4Marine is able to customise its fire extinguishing systems and is always looking to progress. Lithium batteries used for different industries? Then we adapt our system for you, to fully guarantee safety when using lithium batteries. Organisations from a range of industries know how to find us. The fire department, yacht and shipbuilding sites, mining and windmill and solar parks, to name some examples.

Shipping industry

From container ships and ferries to luxury yachts. Shipping is rapidly replacing its diesel-powered engines for electrics. The application of a safe fire extinguishing system to ships is essential for the safety of passengers on board.

Helicopter platforms

Losing control of your safety on the platform is an absolute ‘no go’. Helicopter platforms are increasingly equipped with lithium battery-powered equipment. FiFi4Marine takes care of your employees at sea

PV systems

Solar energy converted into electricity, or the lithium battery as mass storage. If a fire breaks out, many toxic substances are released. Our system activates on time, fully computer-operated. Only in the precise location where a potential fire threatens to break out.

Wind turbines

Fierce fires in wind turbines, leaving employees potentially helpless, are a thing of the past thanks to the FiFi4Marine fire extinguishing system. Our system can be supplied customised in a large or small format.

Data centre

This is an indispensable part of our society and an area that makes full use of lithium-powered batteries. Here too, it is absolutely essential to respond quickly in order to protect the data and the employees in the centres in the event of a fire.


A surprising but logical addition to the industries we already serve. Electric instead of diesel-powered engines are also used in mining. The safety of employees is also essential in this sector.