About us

The FiFi4Marine team is happy to contribute ideas on the safe use of lithium batteries.

We have detailed knowledge of the lithium-powered battery. We produced them ourselves for a long time. So we know that the batteries are very safe and that there is only a minor risk of fire. We also know what kind of damage is caused if things go wrong. It is our mission to prevent this

Cor Meedendorp

CEO / Founder

Cor is an inventor through and through, it’s in his DNA. His family invented one of the first milking robots in the Netherlands years ago. Cor started as an electrician at a large yacht building site, started his own yard and thus encountered the latest technological developments with the compact battery. They started to manufacture these themselves and became aware of the need to develop a good extinguishing system. Since 2017, ensuring the safety of your employees and passengers has been his mission.

Anja Spoelstra

Office Manager

Without Anja there is no FiFi4Marine . As executive secretary, Anja has been Cor’s go-to person for many years. She experienced all the developments of the company. Modest in her role, but invaluable in a company where you have to be able to stand your ground. You can contact her with any questions about agreements, administration, planning and finances.

Daan Dambrink

Project Manager

Daan keeps a close eye on all projects and ensures that the customer remains up-to-date and is equipped with the latest technology. Daan has experience as a KAM employee and worked on various drilling platforms. So, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to employee safety. You’ll come across Daan in the office and during customer visits. Daan also supports the sales department of FiFi4Marine .

Henry Knol

Application manager

Henry joined FiFi4Marine as the second employee and is mainly engaged in commissioning the systems on board the ships and offering service. He is therefore an application manager and service engineer. Henry’s on the road a lot. If you bump into him at our home base in Medemblik, then he is usually busy assembling the skids and working out schedules.

Martijn Teela

Research and development

Martijn is a Research and Development Manager at FiFi4Marine. He is mainly engaged in the development and testing of new products and the improvement of current systems in order to be able to meet customer demand even better. As the first employee of FiFi4marine, he has many tasks and responsibilities such as purchasing components for production as well as for R&D projects.

Wouter de Boer


Wouter studied mechanical engineering and can be found most of the time behind his screen developing sketches. When it is busy, Wouter also knows how to make himself useful in the workshop by helping to assemble the ongoing projects.