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More and more organisations are opting for electric-powered means of transport Yachts, cargo ships, cars and trucks. The lithium battery is replacing the diesel-powered generators. The compact lithium battery is a good, safe replacement. Provided that it is properly charged and maintained. Take the safety of your employees and passengers seriously, come and meet us and we will be happy to tell you more.

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The chance that the battery will cause a fire is very small. But the more batteries we are going to use, the greater the likelihood of something going wrong. Lithium batteries are increasingly used in ships, trucks and cars. The use of lithium batteries is increasing rapidly. The chance of something going wrong with these batteries is minimal, but if this happens, the consequences cannot be foreseen. A lithium battery cannot be easily extinguished with water or C02. This costs money and the chance of fire persisting is high.

FiFi4Marine manufactures extinguishing systems that detect and, if necessary, intervene even before an actual fire breaks out. We build a system across the lithium battery that consists of gas and fire detection sensors and a foam injection system. The extinguishing foam is sustainable, made of an organic premix and can be used across all fire classes. The system works with compressed air. This is stored under a pressure of 300bar in special pressure bottles. If desired, our system can also be designed with nitrogen.

Especially for the technicians:
Our system uses automated zone selection. This means that it only selects and injects the battery series that releases gas or in which a high temperature has been picked up by the sensors. Pneumatic-electric valves are used to select and inject only the battery series in which gases or excessive temperatures are detected. All other battery series in the battery compartment that are in a safe situation will not be injected and will remain 100% fully operational to ensure redundancy.

The F4M system is designed to reduce collateral damage and downtime. The system can be configured to inject foam into individual modules, complete racks or complete strings. The most cost-effective system architecture is to design the system to electrically disconnect each string and fill that specific string with foam, keeping all unaffected strings in operation. 

The FiFi4Marine system is a fully stand-alone system, controlled by a DAP (detection and activation panel) control box. In addition to functional control, the Wago PLC-based controller also offers limited wired signalling to the alarm and control system. For more detailed information, a Modbus TCP connection is available as standard. The front HMI provides local status display and alarm recognition. Finally, all events and activities are logged internally. In the event that the customer or project specification requires a gas-based extinguishing system, the F4M system can be equipped with nitrogen at no extra cost.

Yes, the use of an extinguishing system for lithium batteries on board is mandatory to ensure the safety of employees and passengers. There is still no strict legislation for this, as a result of which a water-based system is often still chosen which cannot be used to extinguish the lithium fire.

Our system has been developed for reuse in the event that you are far away from the civilised world. Our air bottles have a standard diving connection, which is often present on board. Our system also includes an extra container with extinguishing concentrate, which allows the required premix to be quickly refilled.

Extinguishing fires with water is an unsafe and environmentally unfriendly option in the long term. The batteries must be completely submerged in water before the fire is extinguished. Unfortunately, often, after draining the water, the fire can flare up again. In addition, the batteries are broken and must all be written off. Choosing FiFi4Marine means no ecological aftermath, a quick resolution of the fire and no danger to the people on board. Our foam is not corrosive, inductive and is biodegradable. After extinguishing with our system, the fire is definitely out and the nearby components do not suffer any damage.


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