Our extinguishing foam is made of an organic premix and can be used in all fire classes.

FiFi4Marine makes extinguishing systems that detect and intervene even before an actual fire breaks out. An efficient battery management system that ensures the safety of your employees and equipment. The fire extinguishing system is built over the lithium battery and consists of gas and fire detection sensors and a foam injection system.



The most efficient and safe fire extinguishing system for lithium batteries. Tested and approved by DNV-GL, Lloyd’s Register and Rina with several Marine Plan Approval Certificates. Harmless to the environment. For the safety of employees and passengers.


FiFi4Marine builds the fire extinguishing system, consisting of gas and fire detection sensors and a foam injection system built over the lithium battery.

Programmable controls

The PLC system switches on as soon as a battery overheats or toxic substances are released. Preventing the spread to surrounding modules.

24/7 detection and activation

The various modules that make up lithium batteries are checked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CAFS compressed air

Compressed air foaming system. A cooling effect is immediately created that lowers the temperatures to an appropriate safety level.

Extinguish foam injection

Only extinguish at the point where toxic substances are released. Saving, safe and efficient.


The injected foam is biodegradable and safe to use for the environment.